Pre-Authorized Remittance

What are the benefits of PAR?

Sometimes life’s agenda takes over our best-laid plans. With PAR, you don’t have to worry about writing a cheque or forgetting to donate because life has thrown you a curveball. By signing up for PAR, you make a clear statement of what is important to you. You also give the recipients of your gift the peace of mind that comes with knowing your help is stable and reliable.

It’s really easy.

Complete the PAR Authorization Form and give it to the church’s Envelope Secretary. You can indicate on the form how much your gift to your community of faith will be, and how much you would like to give to transform and save lives, inspire meaning and purpose, and build a better world through Mission & Service.

A dependable flow of contributions helps keep the church, and most importantly the good work the church does, on financially stable ground.

Thank you for your gift!

What happens if my financial circumstances change?

If at any time you want to increase the amount you are giving or decrease your support, simply inform the Envelope Secretary.

(Adapted from the United Church of Canada website)