Music is a rich and vibrant part of our community of faith. We are known as Dynamic Dunsford due in no small part to the power of musical expression.

During worship, our music is primarily selected from Voices United, and More Voices, two of the hymn books of the United Church of Canada. Solos, duets and small groups often add to our musical ministry.

Those who play musical instruments are always welcome to organize special offerings during regular worship or as part of special events.  Our congregation loves to sing in worship, in special events, and for fun!

The senior choir offers an inspiring ministry of music each Sunday, drawing from different genres of Christian music. Choir practices Thursday nights are friendly and fun. New members always welcome! 

The junior choir delights us with joyful, spirited, memorable offerings frequently throughout the year. The children practice each Sunday following worship, a time they eagerly look forward to each Sunday. The junior choir director, Christena-Lynn Erglis brings talent, energy and enthusiasm, to encourage and mentor our young voices. Toddlers to teens, to enjoy singing are always welcome.

Senior Choir

The Senior Choir is a mixed voice choir. The choir’s enthusiasm is reinforced by the congregation’s appreciation for music. Choir anthems are accompanied and followed by an overall rising of the spirits each Sunday.

The Senior Choir regularly practices on Thursday evenings at 7:00 P.M., every week.

There is usually a brief rehearsal each Sunday morning before worship.

If you love to sing, new members are always welcome.

Junior Choir

Children, toddlers to tweens delight us with their gifts of music, whether we catch the sounds of their practicing in the sanctuary each Sunday after worship or watch them as they share their ministry of music during worship.

Toddlers to tweens are invited to come out and join junior choir director Christena-Lynn Erglis in making lots of joyful noise as our Dynamic Dunsford Junior Church shares the love of singing.

Whether accompanied by piano, organ, guitar or soundtrack instrumentals, this group loves to share their joy. As the music suits, their singing can be complemented by dancing and use of rhythm instruments.

Children usually practice one or two pieces of music each week which keeps practices short, fun and music is easily learned.

Regular email communication provides reminders and need to know information.

The junior choir has brightly coloured choir t-shirts. We have extra sizes and colours of t-shirts and our local vendor can quickly provide a specific order if needed.