Newsletter – January 5, 2022

Update from the Chair

A Happy New Year to All! – May the spirit of Christmas remain in your hearts all year long.

*** ALERT *** With the rapidly advancing Omicron variant, the Mission Board has voted to proceed into 2022 with virtual Sunday services until further notice. Links to the Sunday worship services will be provided on our website and through our newsletter.

DUC Worship Services by zoom

January 9 – Anne Hepburn

January 16 – Anne Hepburn

January 23 – Lisa Norman

January 30 – Lisa Norman

Thank you

To the Christmas Eve organizers and participants, “Thank You” for your skills and talents in bringing together an evening service on December 24th that was enjoyed by all.


We now have Carolle, John and Abigail on the stewardship team. At least three people should form this team but more would be better! Please contact Carol for more information.



Condolences to the family of Grant T who passed away Dec. 28. Private family funeral on Friday, Jan 7.

Sunday Worship Service – Join Zoom Meeting

Reports for the 2021 Annual Meeting are due by Sun. Jan. 30th

Please send reports by email to

From last year’s Annual Report Index, reports to be provided are:

Minister’s Report 2021

Chair of Dunsford United Church Mission Board

At A Glance: What Happened In 2021

Gratitude and Thanks


Christian Education

VIBE Summer Camp


Birthday Card Ministry

Prayer Shawl Ministry

SAGES Gentle Exercise

Community Outreach –Embracing the Spirit

Canada Summer Grant Student Intern

ECORC 2021

General Council Update (National Church)

Worship Team

Music Director

Sunday School

Junior Choir

Management Team


Ministry and Personnel

Eventide – United Church Women

Eventide – United Church Women Financial Report

Media Team

2021 Year End Statistics

Treasurer’s Report – 2021 Income Report

Treasurer’s Report – 2021 Expenses and 2022 Proposed Budget

Treasurer’s Report – Mission & Service

Nominating Committee Report – Mission Board for 2021

Minutes from the 2020 Annual Congregational Meeting

Please keep in your prayers: Emma as she continues on her cancer journey; Tracie as she continues to recover from a car accident; Kristen as she recovers from surgery; Claude, in hospital; Mary Lou; and the family of Grant T.

Cheer Ministry: Please call Mary when a church member/family needs to be remembered with a card: thinking of you; get well; or special birthday/anniversary wishes.

Dunsford Community Food Bank: Contact Fay Carslake 705-341-3699 or

Mission & Service: Our Christian faith calls us to think deeply about giving.

Published On: December 1, 2021

Gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These are the gifts the magi presented to baby Jesus in Matthew’s Christmas story. Each of these gifts was highly symbolic.

In Jesus’ day, gold was typically a gift given to kings or people of high social class. Frankincense was burned during sacrifice offerings and worship services. Myrrh was used to embalm the bodies of those who died.

The magi recognized who Jesus was―important, worthy of worship, and someone who would pay the ultimate sacrifice. Their gifts were given to honour him. Their gifts were thoughtful and intentional.

While we may round up our tab at the cash register to give to a charity, our Christian faith also calls us to think deeply about giving. God calls us to discipleship, which means carving out time to reflect spiritually on what we are able to give. When we reflect on generosity as part of our spiritual practice, our giving becomes even more deeply intentional and meaningful.

And while it may be true that the people we support through Mission & Service need our generosity, we give as a way of honouring them. By working in partnership with trusted Mission & Service partners, we pay homage to, learn, and benefit from the resourcefulness, resilience, and giftedness of those receiving our financial support. As the old adage goes, “Giving is a two-way street.”

How will you commit yourself to give generously, thoughtfully, and intentionally in this new year?

After the wisemen encountered Jesus and laid their gifts before him, they weren’t the same. The story goes that they went home by another road. In other words, their life took a new path.

May we too be changed by our connection with the spirit of Jesus, and in 2022 may generosity set us on an even deeper, more meaningful path.

As always, thank you for your Mission & Service support.


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