Newsletter – December 15, 2021


*** ALERT *** With the rapidly advancing Omicron variant, we may have to take measures at the church for greater protection of everyone. Please check provincial and local news reports for advice on possible restrictions and/or closures to places of worship.

Power Outage

Much of Ontario was dealing with a power outage on Saturday afternoon and evening. At our farm, power returned for about eight hours and then was off again until noon on Monday. I was able to reach Carolle on Sunday morning who confirmed that the power in that area was on and she made an early trip to the church to make sure there was heat. Thank you to Carolle for scrambling to make sure the service could continue as planned!

Worship Services at D.U.C.

December 19 (Love) – Anne Hepburn – Communion Service – BYO elements

December 24 Christmas Eve – Carols and Christmas Story

December 26 – Cancelled – relax and refuel at home

January 2 – Lorrie McConnell

January 9 – Anne Hepburn

We have been getting some pretty good turnouts at our Sunday services! There is no plan for us to move to checking vaccine status so we are still limited in our capacity. We have been allowing for people to sit together who are agreeable to being considered a “bubble”. However, masks MUST remain on at all times while inside the building. As you meet outdoors for a chat, please do not crowd around the hall doors where people continue to exit. Remember that, although you may feel comfortable outdoors chatting without your mask on, others may not feel so comfortable having to pass within six feet of you. It is our goal to make certain that all feel safe when they attend church. Your cooperation is very much appreciated. 😊

Two Days of “Down Time”

December 26th service, as noted above, has been cancelled as per a vote by the mission board. We will gather again on January 2nd.

The office will be closed on December 29th. CL will be checking the church phone and emails as per her usual practice. There will be no newsletter issued that week.

Gifts of music ♫

We will be using YouTube videos for music but we welcome soloists for music features. If you have a musical talent, we would be blessed by your sharing. Please check over your music and your calendars. Let’s get those dates filled!


We now have Carolle and John on the stewardship team. At least three people should form this team. Please contact Carol for more information.

Sincerely, Carol

Advent Greetings to you all as we approach the 4th Sunday which is called LOVE.

How appropriate that we gather to worship together next in such a symbolic day!

In case I miss seeing some of you this weekend, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I will be back in Jan on the 9th & 16th.

Rev Anne

Please keep in your prayers: Emma as she continues on her cancer journey; Tracie as she continues to recover from a car accident; Kristen as she recovers from surgery.

Cheer Ministry: Please call Mary when a church member/family needs to be remembered with a card: thinking of you; get well; or special birthday/anniversary wishes.

Mission and Service: Building communities of belonging

Published On: November 22, 2021

Accumulating debt. Rising tuition. Pressure to succeed academically. Uncertainty about the labour market after graduation. These are just some of the reasons that, in a 2016 survey of post-secondary students in Ontario, 65 percent reported feeling exhausting anxiety and 46 percent reported feeling too depressed to fully function. And that was before COVID-19 forced students into lockdown.

Your generosity through Mission & Service supports students across the country through critical campus ministries, including the Rev. Tim Nethercott’s.

Nethercott is the United Church’s campus minister at Mount Royal University, the University of Calgary, and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. “We know that community is essential to mental health. There is a mental health crisis among young adults, partly because they aren’t coming from community. Many are lonely. They don’t realize that you need to find yourself with others, love and be loved in community in order to have mental health. Campus ministry supports mental health by building communities of belonging.”

The model of campus ministry Nethercott leads is unique. With grant support, he has hired and trained a team of six young adults to offer ministry as part of a ministry team. The peer-to-peer model means the ministry is always fresh and relatable. Together, Nethercott and his staff team host events that have drawing power, offer a free meal, and encourage participants to attend sharing circles to help build community, which in turn supports mental health. One of these events has been a wildly successful drumming program. Each year the drumming program was a focus, 2,500 people participated.

“Campus ministry serves the population that is least present in our churches. We don’t see a lot of people in their 20s, but that’s the age when people set the pattern for their adult life. If the church isn’t there saying ‘Consider membership in a spiritual community,’ it might never occur to them,” he says, adding that it doesn’t cost much to have a big impact. “It’s just salaries and food. The buildings, computers, etc. are paid for by the institution and government. It’s not a great expense for a huge public witness of caring. Also, the United Church has a brand that means something in academia. It often opens doors to support students even more.”

Exam pressure means December is a particularly stressful time for students. Let’s hold them and the campus ministers who support them in prayer. Let us pray together:

Compassionate God, grant students energy, wisdom, and clarity of mind as they write their exams. May they know your calm presence during anxious, overwhelming moments. Lead them toward balance and wellness so they can be at their best. Rest your grace upon all campus ministers, too. May they feel the gratitude of the whole of the church so they know their ministry is valued and feel supported in offering it. Energize them as they continue to make a profound difference in the lives they serve. In Christ’s way and name we pray, amen.

Dunsford Community Food Bank: Contact Fay Carslake 705-341-3699 or


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