Dynamic Dunsford United Church Newsletter – December 23, 2020

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Greetings from The Chair: Advent – Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone!  I wish you health and happiness during this holiday time and into the new year. Please stay safe.


Joint Needs Assessment Committee

I have been asked about when the Joint Needs Assessment Committee will be struck. Since the United Church of Canada changed its structure and governance model, there have also been other procedures that have changed. This is one of them. The Search Committee, or a separate focused team, has the task of reviewing and updating our church profile on Church Hub. Some of the profile is updated annually from our financial statements and statistics. When the Pastoral Charge is declared vacant, any potential applicants may view the profile and express their interest. The Search Committee will monitor and respond to interested parties. Our Region liaison, Kathleen Whyte, will assist with this process. It is recommended that 5 – 7 people be on the Search team.

Please contact the church office or the Mission Board Chair if you are interested in working on the profile update, sitting on the Search committee, or both.

** Kathleen will be speaking to the board about this procedure and all of our options at a zoom meeting planned for January 14, 2021 at 7 p.m.  You are welcome to join in!

Greetings from Sharon

Whatever your plans for Christmas, I am hoping you are finding contentment and acceptance with our realities for this year. While the lockdown begins Dec. 26, we are asked to stay safe and at home as much as possible. Under the lockdown, Dec. 26 to Jan. 23, the maximum inside and outside buildings is ten people. Please watch for updates regarding the return to in-person services when it is safe to do so. There will be no in-person service Jan. 10 due to the pandemic lockdown in Ontario.

We are so fortunate that Kevin Fitzpatrick has agreed to provide Sunday worship for Dunsford United. Please continue to pray for Kevin, his need for a Supervised Ministry of Education placement and for each other. “A Little Spiritual Care” is now set up so you can independently unsubscribe if you wish. Everyone who was receiving “A Little Spiritual Care” is already subscribed to the new format There is nothing you need to do to continue receiving it. Please feel free to do whatever you wish. If you wish to share it, please forward to others and invite them to subscribe. Please note you need to click on the little thumbnail for the video to play and the photo is at the top. If you click under the option to open the newsletter in a browser, you will find the daily photo.

Over the next year, I am not permitted by the United Church of Canada to connect or offer any funerals, weddings, Baptisms or attend any services at Dunsford. I look forward to hearing of wonderful opportunities for you all and hope you will come together and support the preparations and search for a new minister. This season is exciting and will bear new fruits. As there was no offering of a decovenanting, I invite you to read the transcript or virtually watch my final worship service. It is unusual to not have any congregation or representatives, but I hope you will find it helpful for our transition and closure. I will continue to be praying for you all.

A separate notice was sent today advising of the cancellation of the Christmas Eve outdoor service at 4:00 P.M. Hopefully you’ll enjoy planning for one in 2021. Lots of great ideas were generated for possibilities! Over the holiday consider stopping by the manger at the stable, beside the church building to offer a moment of gratitude and perhaps take a selfie. A recording of the service outdoors is available on my YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFtaTULEqYc

The Christmas Eve sanctuary service is available on the DUC YouTube channel and opens with Sylvia singing O Holy Night, followed by the pre-recorded service. Thanks to Carol E for the editing genius 😊  https://youtu.be/qenJPsUnpy4

The same service from different visual perspective (minus the video of O Holy Night as opener) is on my YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiWMyCUuNa0

Our Dec. 27 Comfy Cozy Christmas will be available for December 27 on my YouTube channel. It is coming soon. I will send a separate notification on the weekend.

A farewell-goodbye service, which is usually done as a congregation with leadership from the congregation was not possible. It was not appropriate to do a de-covenanting in our Advent/Christmas service Dec. 13, 2020, in-person, so I have done an adaptation and hope you will receive it with my heartfelt gratitude and thanks for our time together. It is available on my YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7YPtl3YMQY

Continue to lift up the needs of our Community of Faith. Watch for updates in the new year.  Kathleen Whyte is the liaison assigned to work with Dunsford United Church as you move into this next season of your life as a community of faith. Prayerfully discern how you are being called in participating in sharing the on-going story of your faith and Dunsford United Church. It takes a village, and everyone is needed! Contact Carol E or another member of nominating team or executive to learn more. Discern how you might nurture your gifts in sharing the story of Dunford’s life and work.

Upcoming Dates:

December 24 Christmas Eve: Pre-recorded worship service on YouTube both outside and in sanctuary recordings

Dec. 27 Comfy Cozy Sunday pre-recorded for YouTube from my house to yours.

January worship services—from Kevin Fitzpatrick (transcripts; once/month in person once public health permits)

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Blessings in the new year


Moderator, Richard Bott’s Christmas message


The Church Office will be closed Wed. Dec. 30th.

The Dunsford Community Food Bank: I would like to thank everyone for the enormous generosity this holiday season we have been overwhelmed with food and monetary donations and it is so greatly appreciated by the Food Bank coordinators and on behalf of the recipients I would like to say thank you so much and merry Christmas. Fay (faycarslake@hotmail.com or 705-341-3699)

Best wishes for a cozy Christmas! (from Brenda)

Enya ღ The Spirit of Christmas Past ღ – YouTube

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