Re-opening Plan

We used a survey, phone tree, email and mailed newsletter. 

·         Majority 23 said yes they would attend September 13, 2020;

·         21 would watch the recorded version on Youtube;

·         all cleaning protocols followed prior to September 13th;

·         Nursery will be taped off;

·         Masks will be available at the door if needed;

·         Hymnbooks and Bibles have been removed from the pews;

·         One-way traffic with social distancing will be observed;

·         Recommended Health Unit signage will be in place;

·         Hand sanitizer available at entrance and exit and wherever else needed;

·         Enter Narthex (Sturgeon Road entrance) with your mask on;

·         Greeter at the door will draw attention to Covid 19 screening questions (handouts of the screening questions will be available to take)

·         Anyone answering positive to one of the screening questions will be turned away;

·         Member and visitor lists will be prepared;

·         Attendance will be checked off each Sunday;

·         Greeter will direct you to distance seating: single, couples, families;

·         Fill designated seats from front first to the back;

·         If full, there is measured seating in the Hall to watch the service live on the tv screen;

·         A dedicated backpack per family with activities will be assigned, disinfected, and stored at the church from week to week;

·         If good weather, children will be taken outside with a volunteer;

·         Large hoola-hoops for distancing reminder for the children;

·         Portable mic will be given to scripture reader upon entry and they will read from their seat;

·         Ministry of Music will be provided by pianist and/or soloist singing during hymns or music presentation;

·         Media booth for two will be divided with plastic;

·         Offering plate will be beside the exit door;

·         Minister, husband and guide-dog will enter the church last through the exit doors, entering the Sanctuary from the hallway;

·         Minister, husband and guide-dog will exit first after the service;

·         If anyone seated in the Hall, they will exit after the Minister;

·         Then, congregation will exit at social distance intervals from the front to the back, one row at a time;

·         If washroom needed, follow social distancing. Sanitizers, sprays, wipes will be available for each use;

·         No sharing of food or fellowship indoors (outdoor visits may take place);

·         Dated, documented cleaning will take place;

·         Regular cleaning day is Thursday: all surfaces will be sanitized according to the rules;

·         There are no temporary tenants, or renters at this time. 

·         Inquiries will be addressed as the need arises;

·         Small group, church related meetings allowed in the Hall with chairs spaced;

·         Attendance at meetings will be recorded in the Minutes;

·         Dunsford Community Food Bank in the basement: permanent tenant – no contact with congregation.  They abide by the best practices;

·         Worship Service would be published in the newsletter, sent out by email and regular mail;

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