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The United Church of Canada is a Protestant denomination founded in 1925. Often noted as being the largest of the mainstream Protestant denominations, the United Church of Canada is often the voice of social justice and embraces faith in action.





Also known as the United Church of Canada Creed, this brief expression of faith is recited at special services by all gathered..



A New Creed


We are not alone,

     we live in God’s world.


We believe in God:

     who has created and is creating,

     who has come in Jesus,

          the Word made flesh,

          to reconcile and make new,

     who works in us and others

          by the Spirit.


We trust in God.


We are called to be the Church:

     to celebrate God’s presence,

     to live with respect in Creation,

     to love and serve others,

     to seek justice and resist evil,

     to proclaim Jesus, crucified and risen,

          our judge and our hope.


In life, in death, in life beyond death,

     God is with us.

We are not alone.


Thanks be to God.



Faith Statements of the United Church


Here are links to an overview of faith statements from the United Church.

(Click on the bold links to view the information on the United Church of Canada web site.)


A Song of Faith

The English version of A Song of Faith was approved at the 39th General Council of The United Church of Canada in August 2006.

A Statement of Faith (1940)

It is the purpose of this Statement to set out briefly and simply the substance of the Church’s faith.

Twenty Articles of Doctrine (1925)

The formal document of the United Church as approved by the denominations that merged to form The United Church of Canada in 1925.



Explanation of Terms


In the official organizational structure of the United Church of Canada, the Dunsford United Church Congregation is considered a Pastoral Charge of Kawartha Highlands Presbytery of the Bay of Quinte Conference.


What do these terms (Congregation, Pastoral Charge, Presbytery, Conference) mean?




A congregation is a group of people (both church members and adherents) that chose to worship together in a location or preaching place, recognized as such by the United Church of Canada. Dunsford United Church is a congregation.


Pastoral Charge


A pastoral charge is one or more congregations under the spiritual leadership of a minister. Dunsford United Church is a *one-point pastoral charge.


*One-point means that Dunsford United Church  does not share its minister with another congregation. Dunsford United Church became a one point charge in April 1, 1998.




A presbytery is an administrative grouping of pastoral charges in a local area. Lay and ministerial delegates from the charges meet regularly to oversee the work of the charges. Dunsford United Church’s minister and one elected church member attend presbytery meetings on behalf of the congregation.


Dunsford United Church United Church is one of many pastoral charges that make up Kawartha Highlands Presbytery.


Kawartha Highlands Presbytery is one of 8 presbyteries in the Bay of Quinte Conference. The other 7 presbyteries are Four Rivers, Four Winds, Hill & Shores, Lakeridge, Kente, Shining Waters & Upper Valley.


Our neighbouring presbyteries are Shining Waters and Lakeridge. Our presbytery usually meets the third Wednesday of the month. Business meetings are conducted in September, November, February, April and June. Gatherings are held in October, January, March and May. Presbytery does not currently meet in December, July or August. Items needing attention between business meetings are addressed by the executive of presbytery. Guests are welcomed at business and gathering meetings. Our Kawartha Highlands Presbytery meets in different locations throughout the presbytery. Business meetings begin with a fellowship and refreshments time beginning at 2:30 P.M. Our Kawartha Highlands Presbytery meets as a large group for worship usually at 3:00P.M. Direction is given to each of the smaller groups called circles which focus on different aspects of the work of the United Church. Following the circles, people gather for an evening meal together and then meet together for the reports and business of the presbytery. These meetings finish at 9:00 P.M.Gatherings are educational in nature and cover a wide range of topics and interests to which everyone is invited to come and learn together. Times for these events vary with some being a two hour time in the evening while others might be offered in the afternoon. A presbytery secretary distributes information via Email to each pastoral charge, minister and presbytery representative.




A conference is an administrative grouping of presbyteries in a regional area. Lay and ministerial delegates from the presbyteries meet annually. These are called Conference Annual Meetings and are often referred to as CAM. CAM usually takes place the last weekend of May. Typically the Bay of Quinte Conference begins on Friday and completes mid-afternoon on the Sunday. There is a large focus on worship and work, with educational opportunities as well as conducting the business of the church. One of the last orders of business for the president of conference of CAM, completing their term as president is the ordination, commissioning or admission by transfer to new members of ordered ministry. At the close of CAM the new executive for the upcoming year will begin. Locations for CAM change from year to year and are organized by a CAM committee.   Full-time staff and part-time staff in Conference offices work with presbyteries and local pastoral charges providing support, direction and opportunities to further the worship and work of the church.


Dunsford United Church  is one of nearly two hundred  pastoral charges in the Bay of Quinte Conference. Numbers tend to change with dynamics of pastoral charges changing through creative new ministries, amalgamations and closures. The Conference’s geographical boundaries are eastern Ontario from Pickering to Brockville, north to Deep River and across to “The Narrows” at Orillia. There are 13 Conferences of the United Church of Canada.


Map of the 13 Conferences of the United Church of Canada (from the United Church of Canada web site)









































NOTE: Some of the information for this page was adapted from the United Church of Canada web site, and from information posted from Trinity United, Brockville.


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