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Founded in 1861

Dunsford United Church

Dunsford United Church People


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We are a down to earth, largely rural based community of faith. We are people who share our everyday life experiences, supporting each other through highs and lows, drawn together by our Christian faith.


In typical United Church fashion, we are a group of people who love to share food, fellowship and the helping hands of friendship.


We often discover we have more questions than answers facing life circumstances personally, in our local communities and across our world.


We are companions on the journey, helping out each other through our worship, in our daily activities and our special ministries.


Collectively we have many individual causes and interests that we support, actively involved in all manner of groups, organizations and missions.


We are all ministers, living our faith each day.

Some folks in our church family, we will introduce here.

Our Ordained Minister,

the Rev. Sharon Ballantyne, PhD


Sharon and her husband Cliff moved to the Dunsford area when Sharon accepted the call to serve at Dunsford United Church effective July 1, 2016. Sharon was ordained in 2006 and served her settlement charge in Peterborough until coming to Dunsford. Prior to ordination and since ordination Sharon was an elementary school teacher, feeling led to leave the classroom in June 2016 to focus on ministry at Dunsford. Sharon has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, an Honours B.A. in religious studies, a Bachelor of Education and a Master’s of Divinity all from Queen’s University in Kingston. She received a PhD in Theology specializing in the area of Pastoral Care and Counselling Psychology, in 2012 from Graduate Theological Foundation in Indiana. She completed the Spiritual Director program through the JubileeOntario. Cliff and Sharon have two daughters, Emily and Sarah.


“As your ordained minister, I am humbled and privileged that God has called us to prayerfully work together to faithfully serve God, in all the ways we are called to do and be. Walking with each other, we seek to uplift God’s gift of hope, peace, joy and love into all the places where we live, work and have our being.”

Rev. Sharon Ballantyne

Our Administrative Assistant,

Christena-Lynn Erglis


Having served in this role for more than a decade, C L has extensive knowledge and expertise, faithfully directing our day to day and having a heart for the people of Dunsford United Church. She is everybody’s “go to, “when we wonder who does what or how, or when. It’s on the calendar, on the contact card or in her directory of files. Wednesday 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. is Christena-Lynn’s regular office day. She efficiently accomplishes more in a day than many do in a week, for which we are so grateful. Christena-Lynn is our recording secretary serving on the Missional Team Board, member of the worship team, member of the senior choir, and director of the junior choir.


Our Senior Choir Director and Musician,



Currently the position of Music Director is vacant.  If you are interested in applying for the position, please see the job posting here.


Our Church Custodian,

Arvada Reynolds


Arvada, often assisted by her daughter, keeps our building in excellent order, modelling what it means to be a care-taker of our spaces and places.


Our “Church Dog,” Service Animal,

Wilson Ballantyne

Wilson is Sharon’s guide dog. He is a black lab, born March 7; 2011. A graduate of the “Seeing Eye,” a dog guide school in Morristown, New Jersey, Wilson is permitted to be wherever Sharon is, as she is totally blind. When Wilson’s working harness is on, please do not pet him, talk to him, make eye contact with him or try to interact with him.  He loves attention but to interact with him when his harness is on is a distraction and a potential safety issue. He loves attention and if a guide dog is attending to someone else, the guide dog is not able to focus on guide work. Please ask Sharon if you want to visit with Wilson. Opportunities to say hi are social highlights for Wilson, who loves everyone as his wagging tail indicates. It only takes a few seconds to remove his harness so an appropriate greeting can take place. Wilson is not permitted human food. Please do not attempt to feed him. Wilson has a dog blanket in the sanctuary and in Sharon’s office. Please alert Sharon if you have any questions or concerns. Even though Wilson needs to be ignored when his harness is on, remember to speak to Sharon “”Hi Sharon, it’s ___(say your name __.”


We’ve introduced a few of our people but come out and get to know all of us. Whether you can come just once, are a seasonal visitor, aren’t often able to come, or worship with us regularly, you are warmly welcomed!



1981 Sturgeon Rd,

Dunsford, ON

K0M 1L0

Phone:  (705) 793-2511