4.31 Dynamic Dunsford News from The Pews for the week of January 26, 2020


Mission Statement


We strive to be a welcoming Christian family, seeking to demonstrate the spirit of God’s love through worship, work, growth, and respect for all creation. We endeavor to be aware of, and responsive to, the needs in our community and beyond.


Greetings All


Continued prayers appreciated.

Spirit dancing in and through you, all around you! Be filled with the light that is the root of our joy and energy from which hope can spring eternal.


Information of the Week


If you can help with the supper, for January 29, please contact Sharon.

It’s a comfort food casseroles night—macaroni and cheese, shepherd’s pie, baked beans to name a few!

Come see what’s cooking!

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice, water and popcorn for movie time.

Invite everyone! Come Join us


January 29 movie T.B.A. possibly Dumbo (2019) unless requests are offered or another release pops up on Disney.


Annual Reports Due Wed. Jan. 29, 2020. Please submit all reports by email to C L in the office.


A reminder to all Mission Board members that there is a Mission Board meeting Feb. 2, 2020 immediately following worship.


Reminder: Sunday February 2, 2020, it’s a skating party! Join Abi and her kids, Cliff and Sharon and anyone who is interested from our community of faith, from the neighbourhood, among friends and family! We will go skating at 1:00 P.M. at the Bobcaygeon arena as part of their family skate. Cost is $2 for children and $3 for adults. If cost is a barrier, please see Sharon. Please invite others and join us for fun!


Wed. Feb. 5 Cookie Baking 1:30 in church kitchen:

A cookie cupboard baking session will be held Wednesday Feb. 5 at 1:30 in the church kitchen for anyone wishing to bake cookies to be kept on hand for” coffee hour” refreshments. This will provide a cache of cookies in the freezer when needed. It is also an opportunity for anyone wishing to sign up to make coffee without the stress of baking at home! Contact  Helen.


UCW Next Meeting February 12 at 1:30 P.M.

Please join the ladies of UCW for their monthly meeting.


Are you interested in cooking? Sign up for a cooking event, Wed. Feb. 19.It begins at 1:00 P.M. It will be approximately 2 hours. Bring a container to take home your cooking! Contact Carol Embury to help and to participate.


Save the Date: V.I.B.E. 2020 confirmed dates Mon. July 27to July 31 in the mornings. Join Gloria and Paula our site volunteers. We look forward to the V.I.B.E. staff who will lead programs. Invite children, grandchildren and other little ones to get involved!


Please get together with some others and host refreshments following worship. Please sign-up on the clipboard in the church hall. . We have some cookies in the “cookie cupboard” Check for home baked in the freezer and store bought in the pantry.


Save the date March 1 for our annual congregation meeting!



Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice, water and snacks “free for all” all day (kitchen)


9:15 Mindfulness, meditation and prayer (sanctuary)


10:00 Gentle exercise with Lorrie (hall)


11:00 Craft and Chat (nursery)


12:00-ish brown bag lunch bunch hall


5:30 community supper with family friendly movie (hall)during January.


Ecumenical Service Feb. 9 - Dunsford Community Centre:

A reminder to everyone that the ecumenical service takes place at Dunsford Community Centre on February9 2020 at 10:00 followed by a brunch. Everyone is invited. Dunsford United church building will be closed Feb. 9. Sharon is leading worship. Archdeacon Bill Gray will be preaching. St. John’s is providing children’s program and St. Luke’s is providing music.



Spirit Moving at Dynamic Dunsford:


Gratitude and thanks to all who participated in and helped with the soup and sandwich lunch on Sun. Jan. 19. We enjoyed feast and fellowship and such great fun playing games following lunch. Laughter and learning across the generations. Neighbours engaging neighbours.


Gratitude and thanks to Mary Lou Lummiss for sharing our affirming journey with folks at two congregations January 19. Neighbours sharing with neighbours.


Gratitude and thanks to Mission Board for supporting community outreach Jan. 21 during the elementary teacher’s strike action. Doors were open at DUC. Three children were in the church hall for the morning—homework help, stories, music, mindfulness activities. Seven visits by teachers who appreciated outreach. Neighbours supporting neighbours.


Gratitude and thanks to all joining us for simple suppers and family friendly movie each Wednesday in January. Reaching our community and building community is truly loving one another. Neighbours thriving with neighbours.


Gratitude and thanks to Gloria and Helen for supporting needs within our Ministry and Personnel committee. This leadership development team welcomes new members. Please prayerfully discern if this is a way you can help in our community of faith. Neighbours serving together.


Please contact Sharon with your noticing of Spirit Moving… a word or deed shared, a song that lifted your spirit, something that captured your awareness of God’s presence.


Sharon’s Continuing Education 2020:

I am very pleased to share that I have been accepted into the Vibrant Faith Institute—Faith Formation in the 21st Century certificate program. https://vibrantfaith.org/vfi/ I begin with three foundational courses, each a four-week focus, done on-line via Zoom. The United Church of Canada is offering ten academic awards for the program’s foundation courses, with a half price tuition subsidy. I will know likely in the next month if I have been a successful applicant for the academic subsidy award. Here is some promo from Vibrant Faith Institute. VFI's online courses will help you embrace a new vision and develop a new set of practices for faith formation with all ages and generations in your congregation. The current course offerings include VFI's three-course foundations program, as well as individual specialized faith formation courses. You will learn how to

engaging all generations inter-generationally

nurturing family faith and equipping parents and caregivers to transmit faith to their children

promoting the maturation of faith from childhood through older adulthood

developing missional outreach to the unaffiliated and uninvolved, inviting people into discipleship and participation in a faith community

using digital approaches to faith formation with all ages and generations


Regional Council Prayer Cycle For the week of January 26, 2020: we pray for the life and work, personnel and all connected with Cooke’s-Portsmouth Pastoral Charge, Kingston.





Opening balance: $58,233.60