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Mission Statement


We strive to be a welcoming Christian family, seeking to demonstrate the spirit of God’s love through worship, work, growth, and respect for all creation. We endeavor to be aware of, and responsive to, the needs in our community and beyond.


Greetings All


I hope you are all keeping safe and well. It is hard to believe June is upon us. Please do check-in with Sharon and join us for worship by YouTube at any time. A reminder there are new videos being posted weekly. Check out a mindfulness, meditation and prayer video, a story and prayer time or a weekly morning worship service.


People are encouraged to join our weekly Zoom meeting, and catch up every Wednesday morning between 10:30 and noon with Sharon’s virtual office hours. I will send the zoom invitation shortly before the meeting as a reminder. To date, it is the same every week. The company Zoom continues to increase their security and update with such increased demands. Please remember I cannot monitor my email or text messages during a Zoom meeting. If you are having trouble please call me by phone at 705 875-8837.


Prayers appreciated.

All my recordings are being uploaded to my personal YouTube channel Sharon Ballantyne YouTube.






Thanks to all who observed Pentecost wearing red, orange or yellow on Sunday. Please send Sharon your photos.

A reminder that this Sunday is Pride Sunday and our observance of the 95th anniversary of our United Church of Canada. It is also Trinity Sunday. Everyone is invited to wear their rainbow colours or your favourite colour. Take a photo and send it to Sharon.

It is also Communion on June 7. You are invited to use what you have in your cupboard and refrigerator, bread and juice or whatever food and drink works for you. If you can, take a photo of your Communion elements and the plate and cup used. send all to Sharon.

revsharon@xplornet.com or text to 7058758837.



We continue to hold up Gloria Thurston and Ralph Harrison following their auto accident Wed. May 27. Gloria will return to hospital for surgery Friday  to do repairs to her broken ankle. Ralph remains in hospital. Gloria is returning to her home today after weekending with Paula. Their contact is:

Ralph Harrison/ Gloria Thurston

550 County Rd 49 Bobcaygeon K0M 1L0

705 738 3694They do not have internet.


The executive is holding its next meeting by Zoom Thursday June 4, 2020, please contact a member of the executive with any information to share: Carol Embury (chair) Greg Phillips, John Lummiss, Mary Lou Lummiss, Carolle Boyce, Brian Gowan, Sharon Ballantyne


Request for Memorable Sayings and Quotes from your Family Memories:

Father’s Day is a few weeks away and Grad days are upon us. I am looking for some sage wisdom. What are the words of wisdom, or memorable sayings and quotes that you grew up with, perhaps beloved words grandma’s and granddad’s quoted. What are words dads might offer to grads in our family repertoire of memorabilia of word wisdom. Email me, call me or text me with your sharing. 


Church leaders in Canada, our moderator Richard Bott for United Church of Canada, issued a joint letter in response to demonstrations in the wake of the murder of George Floyd March 25, 2020. They write: “It is important for church members in our largely white churches to look at how we continue to perpetuate anti -black racism, inadvertently or intentionally.”  


Some Highlights from Pentecost worship Sunday May 31, 2020


In the midst of the Pandemic, the Holy Spirit came - not like a dove, with flutter and coo, but as a wind, a God-awe-full wind, that blew through every

corner and crevice, with billows of dust flying from the traditions that hadn't been given even a once-over in decades (if not hundreds) of years; not

like a still small voice, but as an ever-burning bush, a pillar of flame, as a flash of love so powerful, that even those of us with the most closed hearts

knew that *everything* was aglow, *everything* was in the open, everything was lit by the light of God's grace, the Holy Spirit's power. Perhaps, that

Flame will burn away our babble; perhaps, that Wind will force us to breath deep; perhaps those Wings, will mask our mouths, even as they unmask our hearts;

that we might be ready to live God's economy - where the naked are clothed, the hungry fed, the parched provided with cool water, and - in Jubilee - the

abundance of creation is removed from the grasp of those who amass, that all of creation - all our relations - would have life. Life. In all its fullness.

Spirit of the Living God, blow through our Upper Rooms.

Spirit of the Living God, blow upon our lives.

Spirit of the Living God, blow in this Church

dispersed - and push us, again, into who we truly are. Spirit of the Living God, Pentecost's bright power, fall afresh on us.

Breathe deep as we breathe in the silence.

Holy Mystery,

We breathe deeply, we still ourselves.,

we gather our hearts together,

one-love, one-body, one-people –

the spirit of the wind, stirring within and around us.

the remnants of a remembered hug, handshake, elbow tap, face-to-face smile –

warming us, reminding us of the intimacy we share, a part yet together, connected and connecting.

Centre and ground us, open us to you In Jesus name. Amen.


In scripture, I am reading from the book of Acts, chapter 2, verses 1-4.from the Message.


"When the Feast of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. Without warning there was a sound like a strong wind, gale force—no one could tell where it came from. It filled the whole building. Then, like a wildfire, the Holy Spirit spread through their ranks, and they started speaking in a number of different languages as the Spirit prompted them."

  Receive what the Holy Spirit is saying to the church. Thanks be to God for the wonder and mystery of the word.


Let us pray.

May the words of my mouth and thoughts and meditations of all of our hearts be open to the Spirit, to receive and respond.

In Jesus name we ask, Amen.


The early disciples that first day of Pentecost fifty days after Easter, and the early church that would have existed at the time Acts was written, some 150 years after Jesus death, were holding on to hope, clinging to their anticipation of Jesus’ return. The disciples, particularly Peter in today’s account represents a movement from the place of fear. I invite you to take some time to read through the second chapter of Acts .  re-visit that story with Peter and the disciples, with the early followers that first Pentecost.


We think of the many languages spoken, the unexplainable power, mystery and Spirit that moved over them like wind and tongues of fire.


What fires are being kindled in you to experience Spirit.

So many languages, so much confusion. Confused is a good way to describe our present life state.

In verse 12 we read “All were amazed and perplexed, saying to one another, "What does this mean?"” (NRSV)

The Lukan audience would have a strong context of Jesus repeated messages to not be afraid. The disciples no longer feared but were energized to proclaim the good news of God’s love.

How are you naming your fears?

Where do you experience or feel fear responses in your body?

Pause and breathe deep into those spaces, allowing energy to create that spaciousness that there is a shift, a movement a change.

We hear the echoes of Jesus’ words in the farewell discourse in John …You know (the Spirit), because (it) abides with you, and (it) will be in you.” The promise of the coming spirit, paraclete, comforter, companion, helper…

 Like breath, the Spirit lives and moves within us.

  present, mysterious.

Spirit, like wind, ,active, blowing, sometimes silent, still and hushed, sometimes a quiet and gentle rustling, sometimes a tease, sometimes a bluster, gusts, sometimes gale force, so powerful. We can’t see it, but we experience its effects and impacts. We hear wind, Spirit moving like the rush of the wind, its intensity and power. Imagine Spirit riding on these winds, free to move and blow, scatter and gather, toss and turn, delight and dance, mingle and murmur, to move in freedom, and at the same time abiding, indwelling, residing within and around us, God’s Spirit always with us, nurturing and nourishing, re-energizing, reviving, refreshing and renewing.


How are you experiencing Spirit in you?


“God is known to us in many ways. As Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—the Trinity: as Mother and Maker and Creator, as Christ and Redeemer and Healer,

as Energy and Light and Comforter. And so many more. We name God in many ways, knowing that God is Wholly Mystery as well as Holy Love.


What images of God resonate for you?

What names for God invite you to deeper relationship with God?


 We receive the story recorded in Acts, of the Holy Spirit powerfully moving through a people of faith, amid challenge and change. They were gathered and scattered, speaking their own languages, one heart and One body. We are challenged to reimagine, revi


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Next worship is any moment in any day. Create your own at home or outside in nature, look on-line and listen to an archived service. pray for the ones you are with, the ones you cannot be with and all of humanity that we are gathered together in this common situation.


Please let us know if someone is ill, in hospital or going through a challenging time.


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