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Mission Statement


We strive to be a welcoming Christian family, seeking to demonstrate the spirit of God’s love through worship, work, growth, and respect for all creation. We endeavor to be aware of, and responsive to, the needs in our community and beyond.


Greetings All



Happy Canada Day for Wednesday.


Connecting and Checking-In:

Please join us at the regular church time Sunday July 5 for a virtual connection using Zoom. Dunsford will have its own Zoom room this week. A link will be sent out.

Wednesdays at 11 and Sundays at 10 A.M.

Join together  to connect, share in conversation and check-in.

It won’t be from Sharon’s account any longer.


All my recordings are being uploaded to my personal YouTube channel Sharon Ballantyne YouTube.




Please tune in on Sharon’s most recent YouTube postings for the June 28 worship service and participate in story and prayer times for the young and young at heart as well as mindfulness, meditation and prayer times on YouTube.


Prayers appreciated.



You should have received communication from Carol indicating  my summer time away from the church combining owed study leave and holiday time. This is my last newsletter for the summer. Hard to believe that I have written a weekly newsletter every week for four full years, making this issue 209 as I enter a new pastoral year July 1.I will be taking sabbath time from weekly newsletters. Please contact Carol Embury chair of executive and Mission Board or a member of the Mission Board with needs over the summer. The weekly newsletter will be generated from the office, probably coming out Wednesdays. Please make sure any announcements are to Christena-Lynn and Carol Embury by Wednesday mornings.


If there is a pastoral emergency, Kevin Fitzpatrick’s contact is on the church officephone.  

 There is no strawberry supper this year.


The church building remains closed to the public through the summer. We are hopeful to be able to re-gather Sept. 13 in the sanctuary,  but will need to adhere to whatever protocols emerge for our province, public health official directives and from the United Church of Canada. If you are interested in being a part of a team, for re-opening, please let the office know or contact Carol Embury.


Dunsford Pastoral Care Phoning Team

Please contact the office or Carol Embury to let the office or Carol Embury know if you would like a call or if you know of someone else who would. Keep taking care of each other and staying in contact.


Community News:

Our church neighbours, Trinity United welcomes their new full-time minister Andrew MacPherson July 1. Everyone is invited to join Andrew by Zoom on Wednesday July 1, as he shares Communion from a kayak.

Andrew Macpherson <andrew@revmac.ca> 
Andrew Macpherson is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Topic: Canada Day Communion (in a Kayak, Sturgeon Lake, Bobcaygeon)

Time: Jul 1, 2020 10:00 AM America/Toronto


Join Zoom Meeting



Meeting ID: 858 4756 5348

Password: Fireworks


Worship Service: A Pentecost 4  June 28 2020


Surely God is in this place. Help me notice.


Welcome and thank-you for joining us on this fourth Sunday after Pentecost June 28, 2020. My name is Sharon Ballantyne and I am the minister at Dunsford United Church, an affirming ministry of the United Church of Canada.


Wherever you are, whoever you are, there is room for all. Our candle has been lit and I invite you to light a candle, or turn on a light source or just hold your awareness of Christ’s presence within you. As the light shines, may we be reminded we are Christ’s, that Christ’s light and love shines in us, through us and around and beyond us, to our neighbourhoods and communities and to all creation.

We acknowledge, honour and respect this land and the Anishnabeg/Mississauga peoples with whom Treaty 20, Williams treaty,  was signed, on the lands where I am, and we acknowledge also and give thanks for the lands and people of treaties and unceded territories of all who are worshiping. It is up to all of us to live into truth, respect and reconciliation with all our relations.


As we shared this sacred time in whatever space you find yourself, feel the presence of God. As you welcome God, God welcomes you. I invite you to pray in whatever way is comfortable for you, opening yourself to receive God. As we ground and centre ourselves, we still ourselves to experience awareness of our own breath, filling ourselves with the fullness of life’s breath, of God in us. As we exhale, we release all that pulls us away from God.

Breathe it in together and release your breath into silence.


Welcoming, nurturing God, we come parts of us thirsting for  your refreshing waters needing to receive; part of us ready to offer a drink to those in need, ready to give. Energize us with celebrating hearts, with party rooms that welcome all in creative and giving ways. Help us to discern the way we need to love and serve you today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Today’s Gospel reading comes from Matthew 10:40-42. I am reading from the New Revised Standard Version.

10:40 "Whoever welcomes you welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me.

10:41 Whoever welcomes a prophet in the name of a prophet will receive a prophet's reward; and whoever welcomes a righteous person in the name of a righteous person will receive the reward of the righteous;

10:42 and whoever gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones in the name of a disciple -- truly I tell you, none of these will lose their reward."


The Word of God for the people of God, Grant us wisdom and understanding.

Let us pray.

May the words of my mouth and the thoughts and meditations of all of our hearts be open and acceptable to you O God, our life force, who invites us to say yes to love, to kindness and compassion. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

In today’s gospel we are invited to reflect on our actions, to think about the nudgings we receive from God and how we will respond. Even a cup of water offered is a gesture of loving God. As we love others we love God. That feeling of giving can take our tired and weary hearts and change them.  Perhaps we are overwhelmed by the continued effects of the pandemic, perhaps the summer joy that feels too hot or insufficient because we can’t do all we want or freely be with others as we choose, but in finding ways to creatively give, we find our heart healing, our spirits lifting and our sense of well-being re-energized, being revitalized and nourished.

As we approach Canada Day, July 1, Canada celebrates being 153years young. These recent months have caused us to do what we thought impossible and to creatively connect in ways undreamed of. An impossible virus that has turned our world upside down. The teachings, the learnings, the heart-aches and the heart-hopes. I think of a little one communicating to an adult from her porch, “We can’t hug because of the sick bug!” That about sums up physical distancing need from a pre-schooler! and advice we need to heed! We need to celebrate differently, and we seek to find  creativity, to find gratitude and hope in these new ways. It is not all negative. We still have lots of ways to give a cup of cold water and refresh each other. As we have learned to do so many things differently in these months, we can think of what we want for us, celebrating our country’s birthday and beyond, thinking of all that those early peoples learned and adapted, were taught survival through the kindness of indigenous brothers and sisters, the  first peoples whose kindness and generosity allowed love to be shared and grow.


We have a long way to go to build equity and friendship with all peoples, but how we welcome and the principles by which we love speak volumes.


I would like to share a story called, Happy Birthday Church. It is written by Ann Weems. Weems was named a Presbyterian Poet Laureate and she has received a lifetime achievement award from the Presbyterian Writers Guild. She was a lay-person, a ruling elder in the church. You may recall that many of the Presbyterian churches, about seventy per cent decided to become part of the United Church of Canada in its birth here in 1925.


This story comes  from Weem’s collection “Reaching for Rainbows.


There once was a church that had only party rooms: the Session’s Party Room, the Music Party Room, the Feasting Party Room, the Do Justice Party Room, the Love Mercy Party Room, the Touch Lepers Party Room. In the center of the building was a large round room with an altar and a cross: God’s Party Room.


There was in the church an air of festivity and brightness that could not be denied. The people outside the church pointed their fingers and shook their heads: “Something should be done about that church.” They were especially upset when they saw that the members wore party hats and smiles both inside and outside the church. Other congregations came to take a look and were shocked when they sa


Upcoming Events


Next worship is any moment in any day. Create your own at home or outside in nature, look on-line and listen to an archived service. pray for the ones you are with, the ones you cannot be with and all of humanity that we are gathered together in this common situation.


Please let us know if someone is ill, in hospital or going through a challenging time.


Thank-you for continued support of our Food Bank.


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Peace, Justice, Grace and Blessings,




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