Music Director (May 2017)

Music is a vital part of the Dunsford Community of faith. We want to foster and continue to develop our healthy and growing music program celebrating music for all ages in the life of the congregation and in the community. Our music director offers a joy and love of music, supporting all in creating an inspirational environment. The Music director encourages and welcomes complimentary musical talent and gifts enabling individuals to express their Christian faith in public worship through music and song. The music director is an active resource to the Worship and fellowship team, helping to cultivate the musical life of the congregation. The music provides support for the congregational singing and serves as a medium for the celebration of our faith. It augments the key themes of the service in the sermon, the prayers and the scripture readings while offering a variety of music styles. Music also occurs outside of worship and is included in our life and work as a component of the life of the congregation and the community, as may be evidenced in special musical events that the congregation, or its representatives, such as special teams decide to offer. In the past, Dunsford has had special concerts supporting local musicians, talent and karaoke events, dinner fundraisers, open mic nights and “coffee house” style events. In May 2017, technology in the sanctuary and the church hall has been updated. The ability to play traditional and current music styles and to play or support other instruments extends our musical offerings and celebrates all gifts. The music director effectively leads/teaches/conducts choir (s), is positively encouraging and demonstrates a sense of humour. The music director has experience showing initiative, creativity and interpersonal skills working with volunteers and ministry staff. (The above was adapted from the reference of Faith United’s Music Facilitator role, available at their website).

The following is the job description prepared for the position by the Ministry and Personnel Committee, Dunsford United Church, May 2017.



Job Description

TITLE: Music Director

REPORTS: To the Dunsford Missional Board through Chair, Worship and Fellowship team for items related to music and through Chair, M and P for communication


1. To work with the Minister of the Congregation and the Worship and Fellowship Team in the planning of regular and special services of worship. The Music Director is an ex officio member of the Worship and Fellowship Team.

2. To work with the Minister of the Congregation in the selection of appropriate music each Sunday. Because the Minister has the overall responsibility for the worship service, s/he can delegate responsibility for the choice of hymns.

3. Play for Christmas Eve and Good Friday worship services and on extra Sundays as may occur in the occasional year (2017 is one such year).

4. To accompany, but not direct or conduct, a Junior Choir if and when needed.

5. To be aware and recognize the gifts and talents of those from within and outside the congregation who may be enlisted from time to time to serve the congregation as guest musicians as authorized by the Worship and Fellowship Team.

6. To be responsible for playing in services of worship and other church functions as required from time to time, including funerals and weddings, on a “first refusal” basis, fees to be established in conjunction with the Church Board. In the case of a wedding, the Music Director will attend rehearsals, if necessary, for an extra fee as per the rate schedule drawn up by the Church Board.

7. Communicate any concerns regarding major maintenance and repair of the organ, piano and/or any other musical equipment directly to the Management Team. Emergency needs can be attended to by the Music Director.



1. Providing musical leadership and using good communication skills in leading the weekly rehearsals for the Senior Choir, which rehearses Thursday evenings for up to 2 hours from 7-9 pm. The Music Director, may, in consultation with the choir members change the rehearsal days to accommodate for bad weather or unforeseen circumstances. Any changes to the regular schedule should be reported to Worship and Fellowship Team and M and P Committee. The choir does not practice during July and August and no anthems are performed in July and August.

2. Providing a brief warm up on Sunday mornings prior to the service.

3. Identifying opportunities for teaching music interpretations for those who do not read music.

4. Rehearsing with and providing accompaniment for the Junior Choir, in consultation with the Junior Choir Director. Junior Choir rehearses briefly on Sundays after the service.

5. Coordinating hymn selection with the Minister recognizing the importance of complementing the hymns to worship.

6. Ensuring there is pre and postlude music for each service.

7. Ensuring there will be a 'Ministry of Music' for each service.

8. Ensuring adequate preparation time for the learning of music by the choir.

9. Becoming an active participant of the Worship and Fellowship team.

10.  Enabling the music within the service to be a vehicle for praise, thanksgiving and expression of faith, supporting the spoken message for services.

11. Providing music direction for weddings, wedding rehearsals and funerals, when required with the option of having the right of first refusal, in which case, s/he will arrange for a qualified substitute organist.

12. Adhering to the United Church Police check Procedures as they pertain to Church representatives dealing with volunteers, volunteer associations and children, the cost to be borne by Dunsford United Church.

13. Arranging for an alternate Music Director if s/he is not available for a service. NOTE: In the event that the Music Director is not able to engage the services of a replacement and if the Music Director is able to pre-record the hymns and anthems for the service, there will be no deduction of payment for that service providing that the Music Director has attended the related choir practice if there is one. (i.e. there are no choir practices during the summer months)


1. Remuneration includes planning, music administration, meetings, Junior and Senior Choir rehearsals and personal rehearsals. Remuneration is for 52 weeks plus Christmas Eve and Good Friday.

2. Remuneration is recommended to the Board by the M and P Committee and paid by Honorarium.




1981 Sturgeon Rd,

Dunsford, ON

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Phone:  (705) 793-2511



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