Dynamic Dunsford United Church Newsletter – February 10, 2021

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Update from the Chair

Annual General Meeting – Please be advised that our Annual General Meeting is still scheduled for Sunday, March 7. At this point in time, we will need to plan on holding the meeting by zoom. You will be able to connect from your home on any device that can access the internet or by using your land line or cell phone. As we are expecting some changes to Covid restrictions between now and then, it may be possible for a small number of people to gather at the church to participate in the meeting. We will make every effort to accommodate all those who wish to take part. Please continue to check the newsletter for updates on this annual meeting which is so important to the life of our church.

The Search team made their presentation to the Mission board executive last week. Their proposal now needs to be accepted by our regional council. This team is really moving along!

Bulletin – Kevin Fitzpatrick has been providing us with a weekly worship transcript enhanced with music video links provided by Brenda. We are grateful for these offerings that keep us connected to our faith and worshiping together.



Update from the Phillips household


Our house is coming along nicely. We’re held up a little bit on supplies right now. Up to this point everything has gone according to schedule. Yes, we’ve been living in a 34′ trailer for 10 months. (But who’s counting?). The trailer is in a warm shop and we’ve been very comfortable. But bring on the house!  Alexis misses her kitchen!

We’re painting now and plumbing should be finished the end of the week. Flooring is expected by end of week and electrical should be done. The appliances are to be delivered except for the refrigerator. The pandemic has had a big effect on things like that. 

We’re very blessed to have had excellent trades and contractors to do the work. We’ve kept as much local as possible and will happily give referrals. (Even Tyler Elliott has had a hand in this!)  Embury Excavating, Elmdale Developments, Traill Fuels and K&R Electrical are a few to be mentioned. 

Thanks to our Church family who have shown us so much support over the year. Wishing for everyone to stay safe and healthy!

Larry and Alexis

Another update from the Phillips family 2.0

Greg and Samantha’s baby is due April 15. They’re working hard on the nursery and Sam is finally feeling good!  Olivia and Huw are doing well in Wales. They live just outside Raglan, Monmouthshire and can see Raglan Castle from their backyard. It’s mild and rainy there and Winter is basically over!

From the United Church of Canada

Have a Heart Day

Have a Heart Day at Christ First United, Mississauga, 2020 (taken in pre-pandemic days)
Credit: Courtesy of Victoria Keane, Christ First United Church

We are asking United Church communities of faith to take some time by February 14 to mark a different kind of Valentine’s Day: Have a Heart Day.

Have a Heart Day is a project of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society(opens in a new tab). Led by Dr. Cindy Blackstock, the Caring Society educates about and advocates for the rights of Indigenous kids across Canada. It works directly with Indigenous kids and communities to do this.

Because Have a Heart Day is about kids, we really want to involve kids in this activity. We hope non-Indigenous kids can learn about the different experiences of kids in Canada and take action out of a sense of compassion. We also hope Indigenous kids can speak from their hearts about what they want and need.

These materials are designed to help you help them do that. We hope you will

  • use your community of faith’s Sunday school time to introduce Have a Heart Day
  • discuss these issues with the children so they can respond with a Have a Heart valentine to the prime minister
  • gather the valentines (or pictures of them) and send them to the prime minister either by e-mail or mail (no postage required):

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

House of Commons

Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6

Have a Heart Day Prayer

Dear God,

We know that you love all children the same

and want us all to grow up healthy, safe, and strong

with our families and in our communities.

Help us make sure that everyone has a warm home,

a safe and comfy school,

clean water,

and the people who love us and care for us.

Help the people who make these decisions

make them out of love.

In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

For more information, see the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society website.

Black History Month: Patricia Watson

In this second special video for Black History Month, Patricia Watson, a member of Bedford United Church in Bedford, Nova Scotia, discusses ways to teach Black history using a variety of artistic expressions. Patricia also wrote an accompanying blog post. Look out for more of these videos and blog posts as the month goes on!

Valentine humour:

What did the stamp say to the envelope on Valentine’s Day?

            I’m stuck on you!

Bits from Brenda

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