The building remains closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Meet by Zoom Sundays at 10 and Wednesdays at 11. Beware a phone scam in the area pretending to be local churches.  

All Sharon’s videos are available on Sharon’s YouTube channel

Please note that a new website is being created for us. 

Check our Facebook page for more information.  We are an Affirming Ministry.

Our Music Director is Brenda Shield.

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Dunsford Community Food Bank: 705-957-0989

Dunsford United Church

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Dunsford United Church


Dynamic Dunsford invites you to worship with us on Sunday mornings at 10 AM. After the service, join us for refreshments and conversation in the Hall.  For directions click here.


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Front Door of Dunsford United Church


Welcome to our community of faith family. Come share open hearts, open doors and open minds.

Experience spiritual living built on belonging, believing, blessing. Not confined to our building, we are people who are everywhere, everyday. We are free to be ourselves, included, accepted, welcomed and people who help each other.


1981 Sturgeon Rd,

Dunsford, ON

K0M 1L0

Phone:  (705) 793-2511